You can now do a video call with kids in the room

When you do a video call with more than one person behind the camera, things are getting difficult. Especially when ‘the others’ are your kids (running around and making noise). The answer to this annoying situation came in 2016, when Solaborate introduced the Hello. I was one of the first who purchased this interesting little … Read more

International breakthrough startup sector Kosovo

KOSOVO – 2016 was the year of international breakthrough for the startup sector in Pristina. The capital of the young republic of Kosovo showed the world several examples of their strength. Since a couple of years, the IT startup sector (or tech sector) of Kosovo is becoming more professional. One of the thriving factors is the … Read more

World Bank: Kosovo keeps improving business regulations

mitrovica center

The Republic of Kosovo keeps improving her business regulations, says the World Bank. “It shows that the country is implementing reforms to narrow the gap with the global regulatory frontier”, says Marco Mantovanneli, World Bank’s Country Manager for Kosovo. According to the Doing Business 2017 report, Kosovo made paying taxes easier and less costly. Next … Read more

Coworking spaces in Kosovo capital Pristina

Good news for foreign freelancers in Pristina. The Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) comes with brand new coworking space, that provide 36 workplaces. This new concept creates great opportunities for freelancers, students and internationals in Pristina to work in a positive work environment. Just outside the city center. The workplaces are situated in between the different … Read more

Kosovo might have representative office in Israel

flag of israel and kosovo

Israel and Kosovo will extend the cooperation between the two countries in economy, education and agriculture. This news was shared by the website of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo. Israel officials agreed with the request of Kosovo to commence procedures for establishing the representative office of the Republic of Kosovo in Israel. The … Read more