Is Kosovo a country?

majlinda kelmendi waves flag at olympic ceremony

Is Kosovo a country? Yes, Kosovo is a country. Since 2008 we call Kosovo a republic. Why do some countries do not recognize Kosovo as an independent state? Countries like Russia, Serbia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria do not recognize Kosovo as an independent state. They still see Kosovo as a province of Serbia. … Read more

Kosovo might have representative office in Israel

flag of israel and kosovo

Israel and Kosovo will extend the cooperation between the two countries in economy, education and agriculture. This news was shared by the website of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo. Israel officials agreed with the request of Kosovo to commence procedures for establishing the representative office of the Republic of Kosovo in Israel. The … Read more

Kosovo is Serbia

Kosovo is Serbia is the English translation of the popular saying Kosovo je Srbija. People that use this slogan, believe that Kosovo is part of the Republic of Serbia. The majority of the countries in the world, think different about this. They believe that Kosovo is an independent state. To explain a bit about this … Read more

Kosovo recognation

Kosovo recognation is most of the time used in a political way. The discussion is about the international recognation of Kosovo. In other words: who recognizes Kosovo as an independent state, and who does not? In general, you can say that the Western countries do recognize Kosovo as an independent state. Kosovo recognation: not by … Read more