Kosovo startup launches desktop 3D printer

LONDON – One of the most promising startups of Kosovo has launched a product that will surprise many. Formon Core is the first 3D printer that everyone can use, at home or in the office, reports ICK.

formon core 3d printer being made in kosovo“Even a kid can handle it”, says Formon founder Rron Cena. “It is comparable with an inkjet printer, and it connects with wifi or via usb. The Formon core is not a machine, it’s just office equipment, that you can also use at home for your hobbies.”

How consumers like to use a 3D printer

At the moment, Formon has pre-orders from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia. “The contact with our customers gave us a lot of understanding of the market. It helped us to understand the consumers, and how they like to use a 3D printer.”

Some might be surprised that such an impressive product is made in Kosovo, but founder Cena is not. “There is so much unexplored talent here, and so many people that can handle development of these kind of products. You will be surprised! We have tried to make a high quality product that shows that Kosovars can bring value to Europeans.”

The full story is available via the website of ICK. [Picture © fb.com/Formon3d]

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