Solution for annoying Skype calls with a flavor of Kosovo

We work more at home, and during our travels, and therefore we need proper working video communication. But often, a lot is wrong with the solutions to this. Even in 2017.

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And a good solution is not only necessary for business purposes. hello device with a white backgroundAs a person living and working abroad, I often use Skype to have a video chat with my parents. Showing them their grandkids is the most important reason. But the kids are in different places of the room, make a lot of noise, and press the buttons of the laptop or phone.

The solution seems to be there: the HELLO is a device that you put above your tv. It has a camera that shows a whole room, and a couple of microphones that catch sounds from different parts of the room. This means that people don’t have to be close to the computer or tv.

When the HELLO was presented on Kickstarter, over 400.000 dollars was raised. To keep the momentum going, the company moved to IndieGoGo and later launched their own HELLO Store where they have reached over 770.000 dollars in total. It shows that many people around the world are curious about this little machine.

HELLO how does it work?

If you download the app, you are already in the possibility to call friends. hello device with a black backgroundAnd if you have the HELLO device on your tv, you can easily swipe the call to your TV. But of course, it also works when you are working in the train or in a hotel, and you obviously don’t have the HELLO device with you. In this situation you can just use the mobile app, and call with anyone you want as well. Since a while, it connects as well with all kind of other platforms like Facebook Messenger and Skype.

So, since this is really working, you can also use the HELLO to share your family abroad your birthday party or the life of your dog. Or goldfish, you name it. It cost around 250,- euro.

The HELLO device is a product of Solaborate, a Los Angeles company with founders from Kosovo.

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