Kosovo tourism

Planning a holiday to Kosovo? Have a day off in the small Balkan state? The country has a lot to offer. Beautiful landscapes, high mountains, old city centers, waterfalls and ancient religious buildings are yours to visit in Kosovo. Here are some Kosovo tourism highlights:

Rugova Valley

kosovo-info-tourism-rugovaOne of the nature highlights of the Balkan is the Kosovar Rugova Valley; a stretched mountain range with water, waterfalls and rocks.

Those who freely want to enjoy the area can drive through the valley by car. Every season brings a new kind of beauty, so there is enough to enjoy.

Do you want to go for a walk or hike? Just park your car along the road at a random spot and take one of the numerous side paths. You might end up in the small winter sports village of Bogë. A very cute place to stay. Read more…


Serbian Orthodox monastery

kosovo-tourism-monastery-decanHidden in the woods, protected by NATO soldiers and worthwhile to visit: the Serbian Orthodox monastery in Deçan.

The Visoki Decani is how you would imagine the perfect monastery – surrounded by woods, beautifully shaped, and wrapped in silence.

Visitors are very welcome and with a bit of luck you will be guided around inside by an orthodox monk. The church is one of the most beautiful churches you have ever seen. A highlight of Kosovo tourism. Read more…


Mirusha waterfalls

kosovo-tourism-mirusha-waterfallsHidden away in nature is the beautiful Mirusha waterfalls. A highlight in Kosovo tourism, and hardly to be found elsewhere in the Balkans.

For those who want to get away for a couple of hours, the waterfalls are an absolute must see.

If you do not only want to make nice pictures, you can also attempt to climb them. And at your own risk…  jump off. Even after a couple of visits you still see new details of the rocks that surround the waterfall. Read more…


NEWBORN monument

kosovo-info-tourisme-newbornOne of the most historical places in the very recent history of Europa is the NEWBORN monument in Kosovo.

The capital Pristina revealed the letters at the moment when the (former) province of Serbia declared their independence.

The city isn’t directly a beautiful monumental city, but because Pristina is the center for the international community, government, media and the student life, the capital breathes the most the ‘new Kosovo’. Read more…


Center of Prizren

kosovo-info-tourism-prizrenThe Ottoman Empire has strongly influenced the Kosovar city of Prizren. Thanks to the European taxpayers many of the city highlights have been restored and accessible for everybody.

You can climb the fortress, located less then twenty minutes from the city center. From there you’ll have a stunning view over Prizren, and you can count dozens of minarets.

The center street of the old town counts a big mosque, a Serbian Orthodox church and a beautiful Catholic Church. Read more…


Old town of Gjakova

kosovo-info-tourism-gjakovaGjakova might be the most authentic Kosovar town. At the same time, it’s a modern municipality, the only with a female mayor.

The old town of Gjakova was one of the most developed trade centers during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in Balkans. Although the old town was ruined in the Kosovo war of 1999, the streets are restored to their traditional style. The face of the old center changed recently. A narrow street, full with bars, brought back the youth to Gjakova. A Kosovo tourism highlight. Read more…


Bear sanctuary

bear in bear sanctuary pristina kosovoOnce, bears in Kosovo were kept in cages, close to restaurants, to amuse customers. Now, these brown bears in Kosovo are enjoying a real natural environment. And the best part is that you can visit them.

Around a dozen of bears live in the park. Some of them are inside, some play outside in the water, and a couple of bears are usually just enjoying the weather. Every animal has his own sign with personal information about his background and his actual behavior. Read more…


Brezovica ski resort

brezovica-ski-resortBrezovica is a popular ski resort in the south of Kosovo, close to the border with Macedonia.

There are nine ski runs located in the area, with distances between 300 meter and 3.500 meters. The top of the biggest hill is around 2.500 meters (8200 feet) high. In the spring of 2015, French companies signed a deal to invest 400 million euros in the ski resort. There are a couple of hotels in the wintersport area, that can accomodate around 700 people. An excellent place for winter tourism, and in the future for summer Kosovo tourism too. Read more…


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  1. Arbias

    This website looks beautiful and very nice, the design, informations and everything. I’m an Albanian (Kosovar) who want to thank you for your hard work while creating this website which promotes beautiful places of Kosova and helps that foreign tourists potentially to be attracted. I wish you all the best Stefan van Dijk and other people who made possible this website exists. My suggestion is that for each location to post more photos which will enrich the website.

    1. Kosovo Info Post author

      Dear Arbias, thank you for your message and your suggestion. We will keep improving.

  2. Blerimi

    Faleminderit shume per punen qe keni ber rreth informimit te botes per Kosoven. Ju lutem vazhdoni spse kemi nevoj ne ngritje te imazhit te Kosoves.

    Shume shume faleminderit admin

    1. Kosovo Info Post author

      Thank you very much, Blerimi, we will!

  3. Ari

    Hi there.. I’m also from Albania ( kosovar ), and congratulations for this good site to help people around the world who want’s to know more about KOSOVO… I also work online, and I own 2 websites, if you guys need any help, we ca work together.. again thank you and have a nice day..

    1. Kosovo Info Post author

      Thank you, Ari, for your kind support!! Good luck with your work!

    1. Kosovo Info Post author

      Welcome! Do you have any more specific question?

      1. Abu Taleb Liton

        Hello, Assala mualaikum. I am a business man from Bangladesh. I want to travel kosobo. In my Country no kosovo Embassy. Some one told me kosovo Airport can give me arrival visa.
        please I need information about immigration and others.
        Please ans me by email.
        Abu Taleb Liton
        Managing Director
        Traveller Holidays

    2. Mitchell

      Biztosan nagyon finom néhány nap állás után, de ezt nemm tudtam kipróbálni. Hat fej fokhagymából készítettem el mabralicazsígnan, de még aznap elfogyott, a családom “csak úgy” kenyérrel megette az egészet…Anysi

  4. Just a proud kosovar

    This makes me feel really happy.For the first time on my life I’ve witnessed someone actually promoting our country.Let me just say,I love the theme and the accurate descriptions of our monuments.Keep this amazing job,Stefan! Sooner or later,this website will become a huge success for you. 🙂 Wish you the best.

    Also please ignore my grammar/spelling mistakes because I’m only 15.

    1. Kosovo Info Post author

      Dear 15 year old, thank you so much for sharing this!

  5. Manilyn Flores Bullecer

    hi, people in KOSOVO,because this site i know what is all about your country thank you for enlighten my mind to know this country.God bless all hopefully more picture to upload.

  6. KOLAPO A. K

    Nice place, wont mind opening an office there. how can i get a tourist visa to be there? i am from Nigeria, wont mind if you can help me out with info.

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  9. Nasser

    Dear All,

    Thank you for this web site.

    kindly, is it possible to add the Coordinates for all the beautiful places so we can reach it by GPS.



    Good day! I am from the Philippines, am much interested to know more of Kosovo, and am soliciting from your end any informative newsletter or magazine about your country , KOSOVO.

    Thanks and my best regards !


  11. Eva

    Hello, please let me know if there is any van running from Gjakovë to Bajram Curri …
    And from where does it leave?

    Thank you very much, Eva

      1. Eva

        Thanks a lot for the quick answer, that really helped!
        Regards Eva

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  13. Preshevar

    This is pretty cool, congrats to Kosovars for having this beautiful ‘mirror’ of Kosova, respect from Preshevo, a city in Serbia, popular with Albanians (+90 %).
    Thanks for founding this page, even we’re not people of Kosova, we will always be united. #ByTheLanguage #ByTheBlood #ByTheHeart #WeAreSame <3

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  16. gerd klopfleisch

    Hi , how can I travel vom Pristina to Nis(Serbia) with bus???

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  18. Kosovo is Serbia

    Kosovo and Metohija is and only can be a part of Serbia! <3


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