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Kosovo startup launches desktop 3D printer

LONDON – One of the most promising startups of Kosovo has launched a product that will surprise many. Formon Core is the first 3D printer that everyone can use, at home or in the office, reports ICK. “Even a kid can handle it”, says Formon founder Rron Cena. “It is comparable with an inkjet printer,… Read More »

Coworking spaces in Kosovo capital Pristina

Good news for foreign freelancers in Pristina. The Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) comes with brand new coworking space, that provide 36 workplaces. This new concept creates great opportunities for freelancers, students and internationals in Pristina to work in a positive work environment. Just outside the city center. The workplaces are situated in between the different… Read More »

Kosovo might have representative office in Israel

Israel and Kosovo will extend the cooperation between the two countries in economy, education and agriculture. This news was shared by the website of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo. Israel officials agreed with the request of Kosovo to commence procedures for establishing the representative office of the Republic of Kosovo in Israel. The… Read More »

Kosovars make visuals for Dutch singer in NYC

Kosovars make the visual content for a Dutch singer that performs this month in New York City. The complete visual branding of Sevdaliza, who is currently travelling for her international tour, is done by Kokrra, a design and motion graphics studio in Kosovo. “During her concerts, a VJ projects our animations behind the singer”, says… Read More »

Kosovar receives $2M investment

News came in this week from the international tech media that a company in Kosovo, Gjirafa, received a foreign investment of two million dollars. That is a huge amount of money in a country with an average income of 430 euro a month, but, at the same time, a country with the highest internet usage… Read More »

Nine Reasons To Do Business In Kosovo

In this global market, companies are constantly looking for opportunities to do business outside their own country. The relatively new Republic of Kosovo is celebrating her ninth year of independence. Since then, a lot has happened. More and more entrepreneurs are discovering this young nation and exploring opportunities to do business. But of course, not every… Read More »

Kosovar ‘ZAG Apps’ creates mobile apps for NL

“So far, we have developed around thirty mobile apps. All of them were for foreign clients, ranging from US and Canadian enterprises and startups, to Dutch health organizations, universities and government.” Despite of his young age, Gentrit Gojani (25), the Managing Partner of ZAG Apps, is already an experienced manager and entrepreneur. “What we did… Read More »

Kosovars develop apps for Canadian firms

“It is possible for Kosovars to be involved in very big companies in Canada and the United States. When you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can work for clients to make billions of revenue.” This is not only the opinion of Ermal Sadiku, CEO of LinkPlus IT, but also his own experience.… Read More »

Dutch company opens foundry in Kosovo

KOSOVO – A Dutch company has opened a huge foundry in Kosovo, last Friday. Ebbers Group Industries supplies aluminum, bronze, steel, and cast iron objects. One third of the production moves to the new location in Kosovo. “Some companies in Kosovo might prefer to buy their products in Turkey, rather than let their products being… Read More »