Pristina Air

People that search on google for Pristina Air are probably looking for the Kosovar flight operator Air Prishtina. It seems that thousands of people a year search for ‘pristina air’. Not a strange mistake, since the keyword start with the name of the Kosovar capital ‘Pristina‘. Pristina Air is Air Prishtina But are you looking … Read morePristina Air


Cosovo, have you ever heard of this country? I did not. The international way of writing the name of the new Balkan state is ‘Kosovo’. Or, as the majority of Kosovars prefer: Kosova. So far, no news. But, the fact is: thousands of people around the world search on google for Cosovo with a C. … Read moreCosovo

Promising entrepreneurs from Kosovo to Holland

KOSOVO – Two Kosovar companies with a lot of potential to grow, will visit The Netherlands in October this year. Both of the companies are active in the food processing industry and are looking for Dutch investors, customers, partners, and experts to let their business grow. ‘Rizona’ sells both high quality fresh and canned vegetables. … Read morePromising entrepreneurs from Kosovo to Holland

Handy guide for startup city Pristina

PRISTINA – People that consider to start a startup in Kosovo can find much information in the recently published Prishtina Startup City Guide. Author of the interesting article is Çelik Nimani, who works directly with startups, entrepreneurs and tech professionals in Kosovo. The startup guide shares many insights about the community, online resources, financial information, … Read moreHandy guide for startup city Pristina