Where is Kosovo?

Where is Kosovo?

Where is Kosovo?

Where is Kosovo? The Republic lies in the South East of Europe. In the heart of the so-called Balkans. On this page you will find out where Kosovo is situated within Europe and within the Balkans.

Where is Kosovo on the map of Europe? Because we drew a blue circle around the country, it is easy to see. Thus, it lies just below the yellow colored country Serbia, and above red colored Greece.

Kosovo has four neighboring countries. These are Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro. The new state is a part of the Western Balkans. So this includes Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Albania. This Western Balkans are also known as the former Yugoslavia, although that was with Slovenia and without Albania.

kosovo in the map of europe
Map of Europe. Kosovo is in the south. We drew a blue circle around the country. © youreuropemap.com
kosovo on the map of the balkans

Where is Kosovo on the map of the Balkans?

The distance between the new republic and Western Europe is short. For example: a drive between the country and France is 1800 kilometers. And a ride between Germany and the small Balkan state is 750 kilometers. You can fly within 2,5 hours between Europe’s capital Brussels and Kosovo’s capital Pristina. Istanbul (Turkey) is just one hour and 15 minutes away from Pristina by plane.

Where is Kosovo in the Balkans? As you can see on this map above, it is the blue colored country. Thus, it lies in the middle, in between the other countries. Therefore, it is just a couple of hours drive to the beaches of Albania and Montenegro. Even a ride to Greece is possible within around four hours.

If you are interested in the map of Kosovo, then you can take a look at this special page. It shows the major cities and gives further information. You can find below other suggestions for interesting pages.

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    • Your cousin just got deployed to Serbia, and the territory of Kosovo that US occupies (with UCK guerrilla – google it). Once, when your cousin is there, and if he is not sure where he came, invite him to visit Serbian medieval monasteries. Your cousin may learn about Christianity too, while spending his day time in blackmarketing with criminals in Kosovo.
      In the Bondsteel, he can find everything: as in Walmart – from food to hardware.
      He can also visit Clinton’s monument, as well as Serbs in enclaves (under UN protection going to school and work).
      Or maybe, your cousin should not be going to the sacred place of Serbia?

      • AV…. This is neither about religion nor about Christianity, it is all about liberty and human rights. Who can forget the cold blooded killing of unarmed children and women by the serb forces for many years. What option were left for these people other than independence?? Your hatred is not going to help you just purify your soul

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  1. I would like to understand more the conflict for Kosovo’s territory; what is happening between Kosovo, Serbia and Albania?

  2. Dear Paulina,

    There is not happening a lot, actually. :)Especially not between Kosovo and Albania. But, the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia is not always great. We as a website do not inform about this political situation. We hope that you will find other (reliable) sources.

  3. Are there many opportunities for start ups at Kosovo ? Do they grant citizenship ? Where can I get more info on this ? : )

  4. Dear Samuel, thanks for your message. Yes, Kosovo is a good place for startups. The main center and source is http://www.ickosovo.com for everything about startups in Kosovo. People can request a citizenship after 5 years of living here.

    • YOLO I’m from Kosovo and its so funny when people come asking where ur from and they never know where it is. Thx for proving Kosovo is a real country for those idiots who say I’m making it up.

  5. Dear Kosovo Info,

    I am preparing to submit my doctorate thesis on Friday 24th February and I would like to use your ‘Political map of Europe’ (the top image on this website) and reference you as the original source. Would it be Okay to do this or do you not consent? My thesis is about tourism development in post-war transitional Kosovo. It would be useful to use this map you created because it clearly shows where Kosovo is.

    Please consider my request and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards


    • Dear Shqiperim, thanks for your message. The original source is written below (Map of Europe. Kosovo is in the south, with a blue circle drawn around the country. (c) youreuropemap.com), so it is not ours. We only drew the circle around it.

      Good luck!

  6. Thank you for the map! Of course I have heard of the massacre in Kosovo and know that Kosovo is not, and could never be, a part of Serbia after that history but I hear your economy is not in good shape. You need western visitors. We bring money. You need to publish information about what a visitor could do in Kosovo and assure would be visitors they would be safe.

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  8. Hi all,
    is anyone know if I wants Notarized Invitation from Kosovo how it is possible please,
    I am Turkey at the moment and I need invitation Letter Notarized

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