Pristina (Albanian: Prishtina) is the capital of the Republic of Kosovo. It is the largest city in the country. The municipality has around 200.000 inhabitants.

Just like many other capitals in the world, Pristina is not the most pristina-by-night-bujargashibeautiful town of the country. But, for sure it is by far the most important place of the young state. Pristina is the central spot for politics, media, student life and the international community. International organizations in Kosovo and embassies are in the Kosovo capital as well.

In comparison with other towns in the country, Pristina has quite a lot of flats that look like former Soviet buildings. But the face of the capital is changing quickly. Many cheerful-looking apartments are being built. Also very attractive is the Mother Teresa Boulevard. The center street is full of restaurants, statues, fountains and the national theatre. Around 12 o’clock, it’s hard to find a spare chair in one of the cafes, when students and (international) governmental workers are having their lunch break.

Religion in Pristina

The majority of the inhabitants of Pristina pristina-skatenjerihave a muslim background, but other religious sights are easy to spot. For example, a huge new Catholic church stands close to the university campus in the center. And of course, the fancy street in the middle of the center has the name Mother Teresa Boulevard. The parents of this famous Catholic nun were probably from Kosovo. Also relevant to know: there is a recently revealed Holocaust monument in the city. In 2016, they started building a synagogue.

Parking your car in the city is in general just as expensive as drinking a coffee or a beer, 1 euro. Having a pizza, delicious salad, fish or meat will cost you between 3 and 8 euro’s. A tip is not required, but is of course very welcome in a country with very low wages.

The capital at night

At night, there are many bars to visit. Ask locals for the best opportunities or read this blog with tips for bars. By the way, the Hamam Jazz Bar won an award in 2013 for being the best designed bar in the world. For other insights: read this blog of journalist Valerie Hopkins.

In the daytime, don’t forget to visit the NEWBORN Momument, pristina-museum-bujargashithe Bill Clinton Statue and the Ethnological Museum. The national library looks surprisingly ugly from the outside, but is surprisingly beautiful from the inside.

For those who like shopping: you can take a taxi to one of the malls, just outside the city.

Nice to know: The British singer Rita Ora was born in the Kosovo capital, Pristina. Her videoclip Shine Ya Light takes place in her hometown. Rita Ora is an ethnic Albanian, just like most of the inhabitants of the city. They write the name of the capital with a ‘h’ (Prishtina). Serbians say ‘Priština’. Another famous singer, Dua Lipa, is originally from this town. Just like Era Istrefi!

A twenty minute drive out of Pristina will lead you to the international airport Adem Jashari.

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