Mirusha Waterfalls

Hidden away in the nature, you will find the beautiful Mirusha waterfalls. A highlight in Kosovo tourism, and hardly to be found elsewhere at the Balkans.

For those who want to get away for a couple of hours, the waterfalls mirusha-waterfalls-bujar-gashi(Albanian: Ujvara e Mirushes) are an absolute must see.

If you do not only want to make nice pictures, you can also attempt to climb them. And at your own risk…  jump off. You can then take it easy and have a coffee or a diet coke at one of the two terraces. Or you can swim if you want.

There are two ways to get to the Mirusha Waterfalls. The first possibility is by foot. You can park your car by a restaurant and go from there on your own. Make sure that you carry enough water with you, on a hot day, because there is not much shadow.

Mirusha Waterfalls

The other possibility to travel to the waterfalls is by car.  Ask people Mirusha-waterfalls-rockshow to go there. You have to leave the main road uphill and then drive to the village of Mirusha. From there it is a five minutes drive. The road is not completely paved yet, which makes the travel even more interesting. You have to pay a euro for parking.

Even after a couple of visits you will see new details of the rocks that surround the Mirusha Waterfalls.

To make the trip to the waterfalls complete, you can have lunch or dinner afterward in the Mirusha restaurant, which is situated at the main road. Sitting outside keeps you in the environment of the water.

Mirusha in winter time
When you visit Kosovo in the winter, then you might have the possibility to see the Mirusha Waterfalls in this condition.

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