Rugova Valley

Rugova Valley

One of the nature highlights of the Balkan is the Kosovar Rugova Valley. A stretched mountain range with water, waterfalls and rocks. You can visit this national park for free.

Those who freely want to enjoy the area can drive through the valley by car. Every season brings another kind of beauty, so there is enough to enjoy. Do you want to go for a walk or hike? Just park your car along the road at a random spot and take one of the numerous side paths.

Are you into sports? Then you might go for hiking in Rugova. Just before you enter the Rugova Valley you will see at your right hand a new tourism center with plenty of information about the possibilities.

water under bridge in rugova valley of kosovo
waterfall in the rugova valley
© Bujar Gashi

Skiing is also a possibility in Rugova. If you keep following the road sings to Bogë you will end up in a tiny but sweet ski area.

Rugova Valley in Kosovo – every season different

Two ski schools are situated over there. Bogë is also a nice place for renting a wooden house for a day or two, both in the winter and the summer. This is sometimes possible for 25 euro a night.

Not only driving, walking, cycling or hiking is possible in the valley. Having good food, a macchiato or a cold beer is possible in one of the several restaurants with a view.

The city of Peja (Serbian: Peć) is close by. After (or before) spending some hours in the Rugova Valley, you can easily enter the center of Peja and have a look around. Especially the old town is really nice to walk through.

The Serbian Orthodox monastery at the entrance of the valley, surrounded by high walls, is worth a visit too. Kosovo police guard the Monastery of the Patriarchate of Peć.

There are numerous activities you can do in the mountains including Via FerrataZip Lining or Snowshoeing in the winter, one of the local operators is Balkan Natural Adventure.

bear in bear sanctuary kosovo pristian

Spotting brown bears in Kosovo

Spotting brown bears Once, bears in Kosovo were in cages, close to restaurants, to amuse customers. Now, these brown bears in Kosovo are enjoying a

Mirusha waterfalls are an important tourism sight in Kosovo

Kosovo tourism

Tourism in Kosovo Planning a holiday to Kosovo? Have a day off in the small Balkan state? The country has a lot to offer. Beautiful

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  1. Hello,
    I study tourism and as a leader on a school project I have to plan a trip to Rugova next week. If my group’s organisation of the trip wins then we will put that plan to work and make it to Rugova. The problem is that I’ve never been there, and I have not enough time to travel there by my own first so I can see what’s interesting. Can you please give me some ideas what Rugova offers to make our trip unforgettable?? The trip will be made in two days (one night).

    • Hallo,
      Ich war dieses Jahr in Albanien kajakfahren und bin auf der Suche nach weiteren interessanten Revieren am Balkan auf die Rugova- Schlucht gestoßen.
      Haben Sie vielleicht Informationen, ob man diese Schlucht mit dem Kajak befahren kann?
      (Links, Kontaktpersonen etc.)
      Gibt es im Kosovo allgemein und speziell dort Probleme mit Minen?
      Liebe Grüße aus Österreich,

  2. Hi there, I want to travel from Romania to Split, Croatia, in August. I would like to go across Kosovo as well and check the Mirusha canyon and also the Valley of Rugoza, can you tell me if it is possible to exit the contry right after the Valley, I will be by motorcycle so the gas mileage is a problem if I have to do a big detour. What will be the best rote alternative? Thank you, can t wait to see the beauty of your contry!

    • Dear traveler. That sounds like a great plan. You cannot drive through the Rugova Valley to a border, but you can drive to Montenegro via the city of Peja. Peja is close, because you have to enter the valley via the town of Peja. Is this clear?

  3. Hi,

    My sister and I will be visiting Peja in April, 2018.

    We would like to hike from Peja in the Rugova Valley.
    Is April a good time to hike in the Rugova Valley?

    Do you have any suggestions for hikes that we can do independently? We will NOT have a car and will need to use buses.


  4. Sirs your country engage in Lego Prodcuts? This information is a great help to my studies.Thank you so much

  5. Hi, is it possible to explore the Rugova Valley without a car? If so, what’s the most convenient way to do so?


    • Dear Flor! Yes, its possible for sure to do it without car. You can rent bikes for example, or walk. Just before you enter the valley, there is an Information Point.

  6. Hello! With a group of 5 people we want to go on a 10-day hike Peaks of the Balkans trail. Start in Kuqishte. Please tell us how we can get to Kuqishte from Peje. I read somewhere that a bus is going but I cannot find a timetable .. And where it is not clear where it goes from. Thenks

  7. Hello! We would love to explore Rugova valley for the day – we will be staying in Peja and will not have a car. What is the best way to get to the valley? Are there buses that run? Thank you

    • Dear Madeleine, very good question! It’s difficult to say, but we expect that there are some buses going towards the village Bogë. The best is to ask it someone as soon as you are in Peja, because they will know or know how to find out.


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