Traveling to Kosovo – Frequently Asked Questions about tourism in Kosovo

Is it safe to travel to Kosovo?

Yes. Kosovo is among the safest countries in Europe. In general, there is hardly any crime in the streets. Because of that, you can travel through the countries without worrying about pickpockets or becoming a victim of violence. Kosovars like foreigners. Yes, Kosovo used to be in a war, but that conflict ended in 1999. doing business in kosovo infrastructure

Do I need a visa for Kosovo?

Kosovo asks for a visa for citizens from certain countries. In general, people living in Western countries do not need a visa to enter Kosovo, and can travel up to three months within the country (that is enough to see every corner of this place). Make sure that you are not part of one of the 87 countries that does need visa.

Does Kosovo have mountains?

Yes, Kosovo has a number of beautiful mountains. In most of the places, you are surrounded by beautiful mountains. Of course, you can also climb some of the these mountains, and do hiking. At the tourism in Kosovo page, you find a beautiful drone video and some tips about the most interesting places to spend your holiday in Kosovo. Rugova valley snow

Does Kosovo have a beach?

No. Kosovo does not have a shore. But the beach is always close by, since the famous Albanian and Montenegrin shores are close by. Within a couple of hours, you can travel from Kosovo to the sea.

What are nice places to visit in Kosovo?

Best places in Kosovo to visit are the traditional town of Prizren, the capital Kosovo, and the Rugova Valley. Of course, there are many other beautiful sights to see and to visit. See our best tips for a holiday our tourism page.

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