10 Reasons Why Dua Lipa Will Be Successful

Dua Lipa is the new surprise in the music industry. She is extremely talented, sounds amazing, and is completely crazy. We are sure that she will become a very famous artist. Therefore, we give you these 10 reasons why Dua Lipa will be successful.

1) Working hard

Dua Lipa knows what it is to work hard. She left her parents (and their country) at the age of fifteen to go to London. Dua studied in daytime, and worked in nighttime. She knew what she wanted to achieve – becoming a singer – and worked for that purpose.

2) Dad was a rockstar

Dua learned from the best! Dukagini Lipa, her father, used to be the singer of the band Oda. Check out one of their (down tempo) songs, Nuk Je Ti. dua-lipa-father

3) A Kosovo girl

Dua has her roots in Kosovo, and even lived there for a couple of years. Kosovo has the lowest average age of whole Europe, and has several successful young women. Of course, every one knows Rita Ora (born in Kosovo), but did you know that the world champion and junior world champion judo are also girls from Kosovo?

4) Being herself

She is not, like several other artists, a fake person created by the music industry. Dua is 100% Dua!

5) Amazing voice

We should not forget that her voice is the biggest weapon. Sometimes smokey, and sometimes high. Always beautiful.dua-lipa-model

6) Looking good

Dua Lipa is looking good, and even used to be a model. The fact that she is having a sweet face is pretty handy for those who are playing the whole day her songs on youtube.

7) Artists love her

A couple of famous artists are enthusiastic about Dua Lipa. Maroon 5, for example, posted the first song of Dua on their facebook page. This resulted in a kick start for the new artist.

8) She loves her fans

If you want to be successful, you have to sell records. So, treat your fans like they should be treated. And that’s what Dua understands. She is the whole day online to be in contact with her fans via social media.dua-lipa-live

9) Albanian blood

Dua Lipa is an ethnic-Albanian from Kosovo, which is great. Why? Music and dancing is an important part of the Albanian culture. Albanian weddings consist for the most part about dancing, while a band plays traditional music.

10) She can also perform live

Dua Lipa already proved that she is a very good live artist. Same high voice, same low voice. She showed that while singing New Love live, filmed live at YouTube Space LA.

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Dua Lipa Will Be Successful”

  1. Dear People of Kosovo thanks for your article
    about DUA LIPA this artist is amazing for who I
    really cheer. I would like her to be number one
    in music industry, bigger than Beyonce or Rihanna
    not to mention Madonna. By the way I cheer for you as
    Kosovars-Albanians as well, I wish you big success to
    be truly free from Serbia. I’m also from disadvantaged
    country but some earlier, namely in WORLD WAR II, Poland.
    Russians, we have still on neck by Baltic sea and Ukaraine.
    I would like to invite all of you to my country to enjoy
    Europe I’m living so close to Czech Republic we meet in our
    cities on bicycles by the way it’s so simple but our history
    was not so simple. I want to see you in UE very soon as Albania?
    As you whish 🙂 I love you people of very small country Kosovo
    don’t worry Malta is smaller 😉 I love you once more and the
    brown eyed, hair woman caled Dua too.

    With regards, with love.

  2. Dear Kosovo,

    Thank you for the article, DUA LIPA is a very good, talented and unique and genuine and humble artist. The mainstream media may not post about her yet, but we as a fan believe that she will be big artist.

    By the way, I am one of the fans from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and i am promoting Dua to our friends and the nations.
    Our prayer and wishes to Dua on her future success.

  3. I am quite IMPRESS about Dua”s talent I have. NO doubt soon her name will continue to cross frontiers. I foresee an Extraordinary future for her. Today,is my 2nd day listening to her vocals & watching her videos. Her RESPECT & Admiration for her heritage, her roots in Kosovo & her Family is what makes her ESPECIAL! I am from México City, but have lived in d USA for the last 20 something years. It is refreshing to discover a New Talent!. I am soo excited as Dupa is coming to a venue just 5 minutes from where I Live. The Fillmore site would be privileged for hosting her.November 28, 2017 is the day I will be able to witness her craft. She is the living example of a strong woman who has kept her faith in achieving her dreams. A Fantastic & Positive Role model for our girls. Well Done!! 2017 is just the beggining of a lomg joirney o of Success


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