Why 2018 Gave Albanians World Fame

year of albanians 2018

Why 2018 gave Albanians world fame ¬© Samuel Zeller on Unsplash The time when the world only knew Albanians from the prejudices about crime and communism is definitely¬†over. International successes from Albanians all over the world, in sports and culture, contribute to an outstanding image. Next to that, countries like Kosovo and Albania keep developing … Read moreWhy 2018 Gave Albanians World Fame


Cosovo, have you ever heard of this country? I did not. The international way of writing the name of the new Balkan state is ‘Kosovo’. Or, as the majority of Kosovars prefer: Kosova. So far, no news. But, the fact is: thousands of people around the world search on google for Cosovo with a C. … Read moreCosovo