Why 2018 Gave Albanians World Fame

year of albanians 2018

Why 2018 gave Albanians world fame ¬© Samuel Zeller on Unsplash The time when the world only knew Albanians from the prejudices about crime and communism is definitely¬†over. International successes from Albanians all over the world, in sports and culture, contribute to an outstanding image. Next to that, countries like Kosovo and Albania keep developing … Read more

Who is Dafina Zeqiri?

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Who is Dafina Zeqiri? Dafina Zeqiri (or Duffy’e) is an R&B/soul singer from Sweden, that started her professional career in the music industry while she was still a teenager. In 2006, at the age of 17, she traveled back and forth between Sweden and Kosovo. At that time, she released her first song, in the … Read more

Five beautiful moments of Kosovo in 2016

majlinda kelmendi waves flag at olympic ceremony

It was a very special year for the Republic of Kosovo. The country experienced a breakthrough in sports, and showed her class with different pop stars. And although life in the tiny country, with a high rate of unemployment, is not always easy… There is no place in the world that celebrated so many special … Read more

10 Reasons Why Dua Lipa Will Be Successful

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Dua Lipa is the new surprise in the music industry. She is extremely talented, sounds amazing, and is completely crazy. We are sure that she will become a very famous artist. Therefore, we give you these 10 reasons why Dua Lipa will be successful. 1) Working hard Dua Lipa knows what it is to work … Read more


Cosovo, have you ever heard of this country? I did not. The international way of writing the name of the new Balkan state is ‘Kosovo’. Or, as the majority of Kosovars prefer: Kosova. So far, no news. But, the fact is: thousands of people around the world search on google for Cosovo with a C. … Read more

10 Reasons Why Kosovo Is The Best Country To Live

capital city of Kosovo

Kosovo might be the best country in Europe to live. The state is beautiful, safe, cheap and kind. Here is a list with 10 reasons why Kosovo is the best place to live. 1) Incredible nature The nature in Kosovo is incredible. Mountains surround you and there are waterfalls to visit. Although the weather can … Read more