Kosovo cities

Cities in Kosovo

The Republic of Kosovo has seven cities that would count as relatively large for a state with a population of less than two million. The capital is called Pristina, and has around 200.000 inhabitants. The city lies in the northeast of Kosovo.
  • Prizren contains 175.000 residents and is situated in cities-kosovothe south. The traditional center of the town is a highlight of Kosovo tourism. You can read all about it in our tourism section.
  • Peja has around 100.000 inhabitants and lies in the west. In the Serbian language, the city is called Peć. Gold medal winner, Majlinda Kelmendi, was born and raised in Peja.
  • Gjakova, close to the Albanian border in the west of the country, has around 90.000 inhabitants. It’s the first Kosovar city with a female mayor. The old town of Gjakova is beautiful. Therefore, you will find a tourism page about the traditional center of Gjakova.

Kosovo has seven relatively large cities

  • Gjilan lies in the east of Kosovo and is the place of birth for
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    several famous soccer players, some of them playing for Switzerland. Approximately 90.000 people live in Gjilan.
  • Mitrovica is known for it’s large Serbian minority. Stories of violent incidents are in international newspapers now and then. There is a bridge in Mitrovica that separates the Serbian and Albanian parts of the city.
  • Ferizaj lies in the south of Kosovo and is famous for Camp Bondsteel. The military base might be the biggest US Army base in Europe. A part of the district of Ferizaj is the ski resort of Brezovica.
pristina center


Pristina Pristina (Albanian: Prishtina) is the capital of the Republic of Kosovo. It is the largest city in the country. The municipality has around 200.000

city centre of peja in kosovo


Peja Peja is the third city of Kosovo. The municipality has around 100.000 inhabitants. Serbians call the town Péc. The majority of the people have

prizren by night

Center of Prizren

Prizren If you only have time to visit one city in Kosovo, then you should visit the center of Prizren. This Kosovar town is strongly

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