Kosovo cities

The Republic of Kosovo has seven cities that would count as relatively large for a state with a population of less than two million. The capital is called Pristina, and has around 200.000 inhabitants. The city lies in the northeast of Kosovo.

  • Prizren contains 175.000 residents and is situated in cities-kosovothe south. The traditional center of the town is a highlight of Kosovo tourism. You can read all about it in our tourism section.
  • Peja has around 100.000 inhabitants and lies in the west. In the Serbian language, the city is called Peć. Gold medal winner, Majlinda Kelmendi, was born and raised in Peja.
  • Gjakova, close to the Albanian border in the west of the country, has around 90.000 inhabitants. It’s the first Kosovar city with a female mayor. The old town of Gjakova is beautiful. Therefore, you will find a tourism page about the traditional center of Gjakova.

Kosovo has seven relatively large cities

  • Gjilan lies in the east of Kosovo and is the place of birth for about-kosovo-infoseveral famous soccer players, some of them playing for Switzerland. Approximately 90.000 people live in Gjilan.
  • Mitrovica is known for it’s large Serbian minority. Stories of violent incidents are in international newspapers now and then. There is a bridge in Mitrovica that separates the Serbian and Albanian parts of the city.
  • Ferizaj is situated in the south of Kosovo and is famous for Camp Bondsteel. The military base might be the biggest US Army base in Europe. A part of the district of Ferizaj is the ski resort of Brezovica.
  • If you want to see where the larger cities are situated, you can visit the page Kosovo map.
  • Curious about tourism opportunities? Visit our tourism section.

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    guess it’s gonna be a beautiful little country

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    Nice and beautiful view, do they understand English speaking because I have an event to attend, how will i be able to communicate with the citizens

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      Yes! In general, many young people speak English as a second language


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