Kosovo je Srbija

Kosovo je Srbija, or “Kosovo is Serbia”, is a popular saying to express the idea that Kosovo is or should be part of the Republic of Serbia.

The slogan emerged as a reaction to Kosovo’s aspirations to independence. After the Kosovo War (1998-1999), Serbian-orthodox-monasteryKosovo was controlled by the United Nations until 2007. During this time, the Albanian majority of Kosovo hoped and lobbied for complete independence from Serbia.

The slogan became especially popular after Kosovo declared full independence in February 2008, which led to demonstrations in Belgrade. At least 200.000 Serbians protested against Kosovar independence.

Why is Kosovo so important to Serbians? These are the most common arguments:

  • The seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church is in the Kosovar city of Péc (Albanian: Pejë/Peja). On the picture another famous Serbian church.
  • Serbians lost the historical ‘Battle of Kosovo’ at Kosovo Polje (Albanian: Fushë Kosovë) against the Ottoman Empire in 1389. The battle, in which both the Serbian prince and the Ottoman Emperor died, is of special importance to Serbian national identity.
  • Many Serbians consider Kosovo to be the cradle of Serbia.

Kosovo je Srbija in historical perspective

How true is the claim ‘Kosovo je Srbija’ or ‘Kosovo is Serbia’ from a historical perspective? Case writer Andrea R. Nagy of the Yale School of Management comments that “a Serbian Kosovo remains as elusive as a mirage, because in kosovo je srbija swimmerfact it has been part of Serbia for only brief periods in Balkan history.”

Between 1455 and 1912, Kosovo was part of the Ottoman Empire. After that period, the status of ‘Kosovo’ changed several times until the war in 1999. It has been ruled by several kingdoms and countries, even by Italy. So based on the last 550 years it seems at least exaggerated to say that ‘Kosovo je Srbija’.

In The Guardian, famous historian Noel Malcolm elaborates on the time that Serbia ruled Kosovo. “What is true is that they ruled Kosovo for about 250 years, until the final Ottoman takeover in the mid-15th century. Churches and monasteries remain from that period (…)”.

Malcolm disagrees with the often heard argument that ‘Kosovo is the cradle of Serbia.’ “Their power base was outside Kosovo, which they fully conquered in the early 13th, so the claim that Kosovo was the ‘cradle’ of the Serbs is untrue.”

Picture: Serbian swimmer Milorad Čavić wore in 2008 a t-shirt with the text ‘Kosovo je Srbija’ (see picture). This political message led to disqualification of the swimmer at the Euro championships and a fine.

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  1. Kosova Anonymous SYS

    You have 1week to delete the page “Kosovo je Srbija”
    or this page will be closed have a nice time ( ;
    Dont be stupid!

    1. Kosovo Info Post author

      Dear Kosova Anonymous SYS, thanks for your comment! Just send us an e-mail, and we will discuss the article.

    2. Ivan Ivanovic

      I has now been 6 months and the page is still not closed? Am i right to assume you are a little b*tch making empty threats?

      1. Kosova

        Zasto mora izbrisi web kad albanci je albanci a serbi ne zna ni sam sta je ,na ime kosovo ne treba gleda tamo zivi albanci u kosovo ,prije kosovo je zvao dardani ,ovaj ime ne spomi ni jedna serb neznam zasto ali nece da zna za ovaj ime ,moze da boj posle za prebada vasa venika serbiju ,albanci je autokton u balkanu ako ne znas za albanci ne znas za tfoj zemle dje stois sad majmune ,ovaj zemlu sad kako zovi balkan prije je biju ilirija

        1. theserbianguy

          “Kosova”Majmune glupi koji si nepismen prvo nauci srpski ako bas hoces da se izrazis na srpskom jeziku. Osim toga kaze se da su slaveni potomci od “ilirija”. Nauci historiju. Kosovo je srbija a albanci su samo stranci /turisti u kosovo.

          SRBIJA JE KOSOVO!!!!!

    3. theserbianguy

      You want that this page will be closed because you can’t accept the bitter truth dumbass!!!

  2. Mohan

    Well Yura, I’m not much of a conspiracy troshiet, but I have to believe that there was some strategic planning that went into the attack by Georgia. I think the fact that Putin was going to be in China was known, and the Olympic timing coincided all too nicely with Sochi 2014. Russia would have been expected to refrain from a response to the Georgian invasion. As it turned out that was not the case, but at the very least this was a preplanned Georgian incursion, and quite possibly a joint US/Georgian operation as Putin has implied.

  3. d

    Kosovo is albanian read some history and books because your telling bullshit

    1. theserbianguy

      ” d ” You are saying that we should read some books, but you are the one who must read some books. That can be noticed by your grammaticaly knowledge. And if you read some books about history you would know that wasn’t and isn’t “albanian”. First it was a roman region and after that the serbianslavs came. Then the region was conquered by the Byzantine Empire: but in the 15 century the ottomanen empire had conquered the byzantine empire. That means that Kosovo was an christian region. and that albanian were christians or serbianslavs who changed their religion voluntary or were forced by the ottoman to change their religion. Resultant you can say that albanians aren’t a proper nation. Kosovo wasn’t never albanian and it isn’t. It was serbian and it is still serbian.

      And it isn’t “because your telling bullshit” but it’s “because you’re/you are telling bullshit” you dumbass.


  4. celicni

    Kosovo is Serbia and there is nothing else you can say about this subject.Dogodine u Prizrenu.

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  5. Qura.com

    Kap more hekne ket budallak?? KOSOVO IS Albania

  6. Milos kOBILIC

    listen my friend,you shout erase this sentence kosovo is serbia,because you are going in the wrong direction,somebody will think that this page is hacked,change the subject in for example kosovo is serbia,a big lie!or something like that,or just remove it and save yourself trouble..greetings from Sarajevo!kosovo nije srbija!mrs

    1. Kosovo Info Post author

      Thank you for your feedback. We never experience problems.

  7. Dukagjinasi

    I am an Albanian guy from the Dukagjini region. I can see that most of the readers here forget that this website provides information about Kosova in general. I have no issue at all why there is a page, that tried to explain why serbs use the phrase “Kosovo ji srbije”. I found the information in this page objective and pretty accurate. Keep up the good work over there!


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