Brezovica is a popular ski resort in the south of Kosovo, close to the border with North Macedonia. The place is situated in the beautiful Sharr Mountains.


The Brezovica area is a 1,5 hour drive from the Pristina international airport, and close to the airport of neighboring country North Macedonia. The closest town is Shtërpcë (in Serbian: Štrpce).

© Snownjeri
© Snownjeri

Skiing and snowboarding

There are nine ski runs located in the area. They have distances between 300 meters and 3.500 meters. The top of the biggest hill is around 2.500 meters (8200 feet) high. An online graph shows the amount of snow during five winters (scroll down and click on the graph). Due to a big amount of snow, it is a popular spot for backcountry (off-piste) skiing and snowboarding.

Hotels in Brezovica

There are a couple of hotels in the wintersport area, that can accommodate around 700 people. Well known hotels are the Hoteli i Shkollës së skijimit, Molika Hotel and Narcis. The only hotel with a clear website is the Woodland Hotel.

Foreign investment

In the spring of 2015, French companies signed a deal to invest 400 million euros in the ski resort. According to Kosovar officials, the future wintersport accommodation would create thousands of jobs. Brezovica would offer 128 ski-able days a year, and would offer recreation in the summertime. The New York Times wrote a long article about this. In the summer of 2016, media reported that the future of the investment was unclear because of financial reasons.

Pictures of Brezovica

Are you curious about great pictures of the ski resort in Brezovica? Thanks to Snownjeri, dozens of beautiful pictures are online available. Note: they are taken in March and April. Interested in more? Check for example these two albums of Snownjeri

mountains of brezovica
© Snownjeri

Videos of Brezovica

Looking for videos about Brezovica? Thanks to Snownjeri, several awesome short movies are online about the ski area. We show two of them. If you want to see more, check out the youtube channel of Snownjeri.

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